My Story

I once had a well-known author ask me, "What's your deal, Clare? If you had to sum your life up in a sentence, what would it be?"

I thought a minute, and then I answered, "The way I do anything is the way I do everything. And I've never done anything half-assed." 

I'm an author, journalist, and educator with extensive writing credits over a 30+ year career. My professional accomplishments include graduating from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism ('86) , working as a staff reporter, stringer and contributing journalist to many print and online publications,  and serving as an Assistant Professor at Marymount Manhattan College (NYC).

But my life experiences post-professorship have been unconventional, to say the least. I am a  SAG/AFTRA actor, a standup comic, and  (most importantly) a novelist.

Writing has, and always will be, my first love. It's the art of one heart talking to another. And what could be better than that?


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